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My Kruger Tracks - Kruger National Park

So you want to visit Kruger National Park? Good choice of destination.  But where do you start, how do you plan, and how do you share with friends and family at home. 

Welcome to the best travel companion - My Kruger Tracks will help you plan your journey and keep a personal ‘track’ of your adventure.  My Kruger Tracks is the ultimate tool for making the most of your time in the Park. 


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About the Author

Linda Krige

Linda Krige can be summed up in one word – passionate.  Passionate about Kruger National Park.  Passionate about wildlife, and passionate about conservation.  Linda is passionate about providing the best travel companion you will need on your adventure in the Park.

Her personal writings, tips and photos are proof of her love for the park.  When listing a Rest Camp, she adds extra interesting details about the nearest gate, the nearest picnic site, the atmosphere, the size, the best roads in the area, the waterhole nearby and the animals commonly found in the area.

Kruger National Park is in her blood.  Her grandfather worked in Kruger fixing coal stoves, her father, as a small boy, recalls stories of sleeping out in the bush and finding elephant footprints between the guy ropes of the tents.  Her great uncle wrote African fables and short stories, an example of which is The Magic Drum.  As a child Linda explored, listened and cherished the African bush with her family, enjoying the Kruger National Park as we know it today.

Linda and her husband escape to the Kruger National Park to enjoy the different adventures and sightings that appear on every turn, taking photos, exploring waterholes and wondering what sight the next dirt road holds.

Join her as she shares My Kruger Tracks with you.  The best companion – written by a Kruger fan for the Kruger Fan.  My Kruger Tracks – with you on your adventure.